Procedure : Risk Assessment  
Risk assessment is done taking into consideration:

a) Location of the container

b) Condition of the container – Look for dents, door seal condition and if the doors can be securely locked.
Procedure : Air proofing  
Seal air vents securely on the side of the container with masking tape.
Procedure : Air Proofing  
Risk assessment is done taking into consideration:

a) Location of the container

b) As a safety measure a ladder and a pole is used to reach the high air vents.
Procedure : Air proofing  
Seal air vents securely on the side of the container with masking tape by using a ladder.
Procedure : Placement of Probes  
½ inch diameter PVC hose to be inserted into the container to guide the tube into the container. PU tube for space reading is then inserted into the PVC pipe.
Procedure : Placement of probes  
PVC hose / tubing is placed on top of the cargo / cases into the end of the container.
Procedure : Placement of Probes  
a) Probe is placed at the top of the cargo in the container

b) Space reading is conducted via the tube placed into the PVC pipe.

c) Monitoring tubes must be clearly labeled with “S” for space.

d) Marking should be waterproofed.
Procedure : security of containers  
Fumigated container doors secured with temporary fumigation seal attached and danger signage displayed.

Monitoring tube accessible and sealed.
Procedure : Sealing of container doors  
Shut and seal  doors with masking tape.
Procedure : Fumigation area signage and gas release  
1)Place danger sign on center of container doors.

2)Barrier tapes placed against doors of container.

3)Monitoring tubes must be clearly marked with “S” for space.

4)Marking should be waterproofed.

5)Only licensed fumigator is authorised to release the gas.

6)Gas is dispensed through the monitoring tube.

Dosage: Methyl bromide = 1 kg per 20 ft.
Procedure : Gas concentration reading  
a) Insert the monitoring equipment nozzle into the monitoring tube.

b) Ensure the monitoring equipment is switched on.

c) Stand the monitoring equipment for minimum duration of 2 minutes for reading of gas concentration and also to facilitate clearing of the sample line.
Procedure : Taking Gas concentration reading  
a) Riken meter will indicate 115%-125% right after gas release.

b) 2nd gas concentration reading will indicate 90%-100% after 2 hours – [ gas to be topped up if reading is below 85%]

c) 3rd gas concentration reading after 12 hours will indicate 50%-60% - [ gas to be topped up if reading is below 50% ]

d) After 24 hours, preparation should be carried out for ventilation
Procedure : Container safety reading  
a) After the minimum ventilation period of 24 hours, safety reading must be taken in the ventilated container.

b) Full face mask must be worn to carry out the safety reading.

c) Ventilation must continue if Methyl Bromide gas concentration reading is above 0.5ppm. If reading is below 0.5ppm, the container shall be declared safe and all signs to be removed.

d) The safety reading must be recorded on Form G – Methyl Bromide Fumigation Record Sheet.
Procedure : Unsealing container vents during ventilation
The masking tape that sealed the container vent should be removed.
Procedure : Ventilation of container  
a) Open the container door wide to dissipate the Methyl Bromide gas

b) Full PPE must be worn during this exercise.

c) Ventilation process to be continued until the concentration adjacent to the fumigated cargo has gone below 0.5ppm or 24 hours has elapsed, whichever comes first.

d) Warning signs and barrier tape to be removed after completing ventilation.
Procedure : Transportation of fumigation materials  
The following items shall be transported in lockable open back truck.

- Methyl Bromide canisters
-Canvass sheets
-Plastics sheets
-Spray equipment
-Other chemicals
-Used gas cylinders and other relevant equipment.

Note: Full face masks and canisters must be transported in driver’s compartment.
Procedure : Secure storage in transit  
The open back storage compartment must be locked at all time.
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